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Sample anti-Citizens United voter instructions

Model language to refer a voter instruction measure to state or local ballot.

Montana voter instruction language. I-166 received 75% of the vote in November, 2012.

Colorado Voter Instruction Language Amendment 65 received 74% of the vote in November, 2012.

Massachusetts Voter Instruction language Local measures passed in more than 120 town in Massachusetts by an average margin of 79% in November 2012

San Francisco Voter Instruction language. Proposition G received 81% of the vote in November 2012.

Los Angeles Voter Instruction language Proposition C received 77% of the vote in May 2013.

Legislation placing Proposition 59 on the California 2016 statewide ballot. It received 54% of the Vote.

Washington voter instruction, I 735, received 63% of the vote in November 2016.